Biggest Korean skincare secret ever- sheet masks!

Have you ever heard of sheet masks? They’re one of the biggest Korean skincare secrets. They’re widespread in South Korea and most of Asia but not so common in the Western world (although it’s changing already).

Sheet masks are a Korean invention that has quickly become part of the popular 10-step Korean skincare routine. They could be used every day but definitely aren’t meant to be a replacement for the good daily skincare routine. They’re something extra, yet extremely helpful in getting this healthy, dewy and youthful looking skin most of us strive for.

However, in the West, few people know what sheet masks are, how and when to use them and, obviously, where to get them.  So the Western world is yet to get crazy about the sheet masks. I already have.




But let’s go back to the basic question, what are they? They’re face-shaped sheets (as their name indicates) most commonly made of microfiber (often referred to as cotton sheet masks) or, less commonly, bio-cellulose and soaked in serum/essence that is full of skin-beneficial ingredients (vitamins, botanical extracts, hyaluronic acid, etc.). They’re one-off facial treatments designed to target concrete skin issues such as dry, irritated or dull skin.

But wait a minute, what makes them different from using a regular serum/essence in your skincare routine? The material of the mask prevents the serum/essence from evaporating thus making it easier for your skin to absorb all the goodies from it. So the sheet mask on and all the goodies in. 

When and how do you use a sheet mask? According to the 10-step Korean skincare routine, you should apply it after a serum/ampoule but before an eye cream and a regular moisturizer. However, you can use it straight after cleansing and toning your skin, something that the directions of use at the back of most of the sheet masks recommend. Or you could skip your serum/essence (and/or ampoule) altogether and use the sheet mask instead. It’s up to you, really. Whatever suits your skin best. Just open the packaging, put the sheet mask on your face, leave it for about 10-20mins and enjoy the results. And remember to use the remainings of the serum/essence left in the packaging as well! It’d be such a waste if you discarded it straight after putting the sheet mask on with all this serum/essence still inside. I usually have enough serum/essence left for the following day (morning & evening routine) but it really depends on the sheet mask and how much serum/essence it contains.


One way of using a sheet mask. Source: Pinterest


Okay, so now you know what sheet masks are and how and when to use them. But where do you get them? There are lots of places where you can purchase sheet masks. You can obviously order them online. In that case, I recommend BeautyTap (shipping from South Korea; I tried this one personally and I wasn’t let down), CultBeauty (shipping from the UK), Jolse (shipping from South Korea), WishTrend (shipping from South Korea) or YesStyle (shipping from Hong Kong). Or if you’re concerned about the prices (as I am- my life boils down to hunting the best price offers to save as much money as I can. Being a student, ladies and gentlemen) you can always look for good offers on the beloved eBay. But be careful- you don’t want to use services of unreliable sellers.

If you live in the UK you can also try local (beauty) stores. Recently I discovered some Korean brands in TKMaxx. The last Korean sheet masks I bought were from there. And the prices were fairly affordable. I haven’t checked all the stores in my area that could potentially have Korean skincare products (including sheet masks) but I definitely will. And so should you. Sometimes you can stumble across really good offers where you’d never expect them so it’s definitely worth checking all the available places/options.


After all of this being said (or rather written), in the nutshell, what makes sheet masks so amazing (and at the same time worth using)?

  1. They’re effective and tailored to your skin needs leaving your skin nourished and hydrated.
  2. They make your skin absorb all the beneficial ingredients better as they prevent the serum/essence from evaporating straight after application.
  3. They’re extremely convenient– you just have to open the packaging, put the sheet mask on and leave it for about 20mins. In the meantime, you can do whatever you fancy doing.
  4. The results are visible immediately after taking the mask off. It’s like a speedy visit to the spa. But a lot cheaper.


I’ve already tried them. And fell in love. Now it’s your turn.

Try a few and tell me what you think about them. Or maybe you’re already a fan? Either way, leave a comment below, a message/comment on my Facebook page or tag me on Instagram! I’ll be happy to share experiences and opinions. 



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